If you want to add instant glamour to your home, a fine Oriental Rug from Keyvan Oriental Rugs is what you need! At Keyvan Oriental Rugs you will find a plethora of plush rugs including Persian RugsIndian RugsPakistan Rugs, and many other styles. Although all of our rugs speak elegance, they come in a variety of sizes. Runners, over-sized, and scattered rugs are all available. It really is amazing how adding one of our Persian rugs transforms an entryway from boring to breath-taking! We have been in business since 1994 and have one goal in mind; to give our customers the highest quality and best value in Oriental rugs. You can trust us to help you find a great Rug that matches your décor because we know that each home is personal. Our focus is on detail and personal attention to ensure that you find the Rug you want and deserve. We offer life time warranty on any Rug purchased from us to prove that our Rugs are made with quality and craftsmanship.   In addition to having a vast selection of unique rugs, we offer expert Oriental rug cleaning services. A popular method of rug cleaning a lot of other places use is surface cleaning. Surface cleaning uses rough machines and hot water to clean exactly what the names says, the surface. This process often cause rugs’ colors to bleed and mildew to form. At Keyvan Rugs, we take special care of your rug by hand washing it. This method is the best because your rug will not lose any of its value from color bleeding or mildew and it will be genuinely clean.


We also specialize in Rug restoration. We know that life (and red wine, pets, and kids) happens. When it does, bring your rug to Keyvan Oriental Rugs and we will be more than happy to bring it back to its original state! We provide color restorationfringe repairbonding repair, pet stain/odor removal, and much more. Whether you are looking to add some sophistication to your home or just need some assistance with a Rug you already own, Keyvan Oriental Rugs can help!